Individual Medical


For those seeking individual insurance or family health insurance coverage, or sole proprietors seeking coverage, the question most often asked is, “Do I have to purchase my coverage from the exchange?” The answer is No.

At the Ahrens Benefits Company, a certified Affordable Care Act broker, we will help you determine if an on exchange purchase is right for you, or if it would make more sense to do a direct purchase and skip the exchange.

We will determine if you are eligible for an advanced premium tax credit (subsidy) on the exchange and/or cost sharing reductions. Cost sharing reductions are the lowering of deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances for those who qualify. Those who are eligible for one or both should take advantage of them and enroll on the exchange.

We help clients navigate the exchange and once through, choose the plan that is best for them, their finances, and their health needs. For those who purchase off the exchange, we do the same.